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 Il Rito del Fuoco

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PostSubject: Il Rito del Fuoco   Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:11 am

Buongiorno a tutti...

I will create a new paragraph, a new ritual, which I have not found this forum, and perhaps, to some of you might like to help, or benefit.

I'd like to be careful with the release of this ritual, and I could have problems.

First of all, I would say that some steps in this ritual can be dangerous, for the practitioner, and the place where it is practiced.

This ritual, called (I put it in Italian, by the possible searches that can make the title of this ritual) "Il rito del fuoco"

Il rito del fuoco, is a translated copy of one of the original early rites dating from the year 1367. Il rito del fuoco, utilizes a strong blood and elemental magic and is not to be taken lightly. The lasting effects if done properly can be nothing short of extra ordinary.

I teach this ritual, as a piece of history. You can take it seriously or not, on their own responsibility.

This ritual was found in Eastern Europe. A family in Romania who owned a breathtaking and historical book of shadows That family had been in there since the early 1300s.

Well, let's proceed.
Warning: Remember the aforementioned hazards and precautions.


It is best to perform this ritual in a forest or a wild place away from civilization.You must be alone!

On a full moon, start a large fire from Pine and Oak Wood. ( Like all trees and herbs used in witchcraft, pine and oak contain certain energies that pertain to this sacred rite.)
With a clear mind, Gaze into the fire. See its energy dancing in the flames.

Chant aloud:

"Fire, element of change, energy abundant, take my breath in change for blood, the same you burn where your hunger is fed, as i pass my body through your flames immortal, like you i will burn, with my hunger fed. My blood i offer, but breath you shall take."

Using an athame or small knife dedicated to magical purposes, make a small cut on one of your fingers and let the blood drip into the blazing flames.
Allow your fingers to pass through the flames as you do this. See the energy in your blood combine with the energy dancing through the fire. Feel yourself become one with the fire.

Chant: " This i Offer! "

After becoming one with the fire,( you will know when you are ready ).
Let the fire burn out naturally. Do this for three consecutive full moons.
On the third full moon, after finishing the fire rite, leave the fire burning and sit a few feet from the fire. You should still be facing north. Drink the " Pozione dei morti " , ingredients below.( I put the name in Italian again, to prevent problems, you can translate)

Use with caution!!.

With eyes closed, project your mind into the middle of the fire. This time stronger than ever, feel yourself melt into the flames againg becoming one with the fire. If you used the potion you should have astral projected into the very heart of it. You should see the different forms of enerfy circling arround you.
When you feel you are ready, feel the energies rise your projected spirit up from out the fire.

The original test says until you are flush with the tree tops ( symbolic of the fire's hunger and food source). Now when you are ready slowly lower your astral body into your physical self. Leave the fire to burn out as before. It is done.

Pozione dei morti :

Ingredients: The original recipe called for many harmful ingredients such as hemlock, and the blood from a bat. Someone replaced these with safer more modern parts. The herbs someone elected still coincides with the energies of the earlier version.

1 part- Valerian root.
2 parts- Mugwort.
1 part- Jimson weed, or damiana.

Base- Being as bat blood is called for in the original text for the base of the potion instead of water, they suggest cow's blood ( from a steak).

Use this potion at your own risk and be aware of any allergy before ingesting this mixture.


Il Rito del Fuoco, Witchcraft and Vampirism.

It is a common fact that fire requires oxygen ( obtained from air of course) to ignite and burn.
In witchcraft, the air like fire, is an element and is therefore full of energy ready to be tapped into by the magician. If fire requires and feeds from the energy of air in order to survive, it is in theory, vampiric in nature.

In " Il Rito del Fuoco " , the magician forms a life long bond with fire. Becoming one with it. On the astral and physical planes as well. Thus, requiring the magician to feed from natural energy forms as well.

Creating in the end an elemental vampire. Althoe it may seem at first a negative result as all vampires require energie of some sort to remain healthy. The fact is however the more energy a vampire consumes the stronger it will become. Sometimes ( from the experience of someone as an elemental vampire ) resulting in supernatural anilities such as telepathy and even telekinesis.
Whether the energy source be from blood: ( the natural product found in the body with highest energy content), from natural energy sources such as lightings or a candles flame, or even psychic energy itself there is a vampire suited to each feeding preference.

We know exists three types of vampires.

1. Sanguinarian vampire . ( Mythical vampire )

2. Psychic Vampire . ( He feeds of the energy of the body)

3. Elemental Vampire. ( He feeds from natural energy ranging from lighting during thunderstorms to candle flames.

The vampire could have more names, like :
Obyri or Obiri, Upirina ( Serbo-Croatian), Upirbi (Ukrainian), Up'r (Byelo-Russian, Czech,slovak), Upi'r (Polish), Wupji (Kashubian), Lampir (Bosnian), Vampir (Bulgarian)- also vbpir, vepir, or vapir.

Again, i show you another methods to become vampire,I mark it with an asterisk, the one I like, or I seem more reliable.

-Practicing witchcraft or sorcery ( Il rito del fuoco )

-* Eating the meat of a sheep that was slayed by a wolf. * ( We can speak about this method in other topic)

- If a vampire stares upon a pregnant mother, the child will likely become vampire.

-If a child is born as the seventh son of the seventh son.

- If the dead person's brother sleep walks during his wake.

I hope you have done some, this long topic.

Apologize for the inconvenience, if the subject is too long, but it is worth giving some extra information.

Att, Alejandro "Also know as" LaVitta.

Last edited by Jandro on Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:55 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Two letters misplaced & Change the title for prevent)
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PostSubject: Re: Il Rito del Fuoco   Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:51 am

No way ! THANK YOU so much! I was looking at this last night upset that I didnt have the funds to get it!

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PostSubject: Thanks for nothing   Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:58 am

Thanks for nothing, and be very careful with the ritual, please follow the suggestions, and do not use the original ingredients for the potion.
Of course, find a place where there is no danger the field, such as a field without many trees around, take caution because of the fire. (Remember to be in a forest)

I hope that works
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PostSubject: Re: Il Rito del Fuoco   Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:35 am

Interesting and what is more interesting is that from what i see everything is connected with Romania that is actually my country i live there and i was born there. i am a 12 and a half little fellow Smile) so i guess il stand and learn here and when the time have comed maybe someone will turn me.So i think ill be around!
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PostSubject: Re: Il Rito del Fuoco   Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:03 pm

excellent post, thankyou for sharing, Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Il Rito del Fuoco   Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:27 am

very interesting ritual, i will try it.
i would like to know more about the option " Eating the meat of a sheep that was slayed by a wolf. "
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PostSubject: Re: Il Rito del Fuoco   

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Il Rito del Fuoco
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