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 How to Close your Chakras

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PostSubject: How to Close your Chakras   Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:02 am

This exercise is important, and very useful for shutting out unwanted stimuli. Upon closing your chakras, you will feel a sense of calm and inner peace. Closing your chakras will also protect you from both unwanted humans and astral entities as both attach themselves at the chakras, and by closing your chakras around threatening beings, you can prevent this. Closed chakras also protect you from psychic vampirism. This exercise can also help to still the mind when done before void meditation as it shuts out a lot of psychic noise.

1. At the end of your meditations, sit comfortably or stand up (whichever you prefer) and begin at the base chakra.

2. See your base chakra as a whirling red vortex of energy. Visualize either doors or shuttered doors and close them on the chakra, shutting out all of the light.

3. Continue this all the way up with each individual chakra, to the crown.

You should feel a sense of peace and quiet, when all of your chakras are closed. This exercise can be done several times a day if you wish to block out unwanted external stimuli and/or to protect yourself in a negative environment like around xians or other undesirables.

This is especially effective for people who are natural mediums and easily absorb energy and for those who are easily distracted.

Your chakras will open back up on their own after a bit. If you feel you need to open them right away, just reverse the above exercise and open the doors and spin each chakra several times.

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How to Close your Chakras
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