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 Kabbalistic Magic

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PostSubject: Kabbalistic Magic   Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:45 pm

Kabbalistic Magic is based in the mystical interpretations of the Jewish holy books, known collectively as Tanakh and consisting of the Torah, Novim, and Ketuvim. The term "Kabbalah," means to transmit secret knowledge. Kabbalistic Magic seeks to explore and employ the secret or hidden meanings and powers of the universe.

Mystics from all cultures and times have attempted to explain how the universe works and why. Kabbalistic Magic relies heavily on symbols and analogies as correspondences to the the causes and effects of the universe.

Kabbalistic Magic views the universe much differently than other forms of mysticism and magic, particularly those of the western world. Kabbalistic Magic sees the universe in areas of distinction where the "true" universe consists of the En Sof (the infinite or incomprehensible), which is the spiritual universe. The spiritual universe, unlike the physical universe, is inseparable from God -- with no beginning and no end.

The goal of Kabbalistic Magic is to attain complete understandings of God, the universe, and their inter-relationships. It seeks this understanding through the use of symbols and analogies, particularly those found in the Jewish holy books.

source: spellsandmagic.com
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Kabbalistic Magic
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