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 Myths about Astral travel

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PostSubject: Myths about Astral travel   Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:20 pm

Don't try to have an out of body experience in the night, because it won't work. I've stayed away from trying to AP in the evening exactly because early on I've learned that I should not do it.

How wrong I was! My first successful astral projection happened just before falling asleep, in the night. That's right. First myth busted! Just thinking that I could have had an astral projection earlier if I actually tried and didn't listen to the all-knower gurus out there makes me cringe. Oh well, better late than never.

Do not try to have an AP in bed - go to a couch, outside of your bedroom. Here is another myth busted. This one ties in together with the previous myth, but while the first one is about trying to AP in the night, this is about the location. Like I said before, my first successful AP happened in my own bed, just before falling asleep.

It is very difficult to have an astral projection, and it might take you years of trying - Well, this is not exactly a myth, but it doesn't have to be this way. You have to try several techniques and stick with the one feels best for you. And you have to try regularly. Then it won't take you years until you have your first conscious astral projection.

You can't learn astral projection, it happens spontaneously, so don't even try. Wrong again. With regular practice you will get have an out of body experience, all you need is to find the astral projection technique that works best for you.

Very few people have an astral projection - In fact, we all astral project during the night when we sleep, but we simply don't remember because we lose consciousness and then slip into a dream.

You might not come back to your body when you're out astral projecting - This is totally not true. Astral projection is a very normal part of our being and we practically astral project every single night. We always come back. Don't forget that we are astral beings, we are souls in a temporary body, so being out in the astral is a very natural state for us. There is no 'not coming back to the body'.

Our body can be possessed during sleep. Have you been watching movies such as Insidious - Astral Projection by any chance? (Great movie by the way but totally wrong when it comes to real astral projection experiences).

No entity can possess the body while it is out there traveling in the ether. You are connected to your body by a so-called silver cord, so you are never truly detached from it. Nothing can come in at all. The only time you are not connected to your body is when you are dead. Then there is no silver cord. And we all die only once in this life, and it won't happen any time during a regular astral projection.

Source: http://www.squidoo.com/astral-projection-techniques-for-beginners
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Myths about Astral travel
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