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 Telekinetic Energy Technique

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PostSubject: Telekinetic Energy Technique   Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:14 pm

Learn To Move Objects and you must Being Psychic Or Have A Practice As a Regular Person

Telekinetic Energy Technique
I have known for a long time that we could check the chakra system with the use of a pendulum but it was early one morning recently the i held my hand out and placed a pendulum over it to check the flow of energy in the chakra. after a short time i thought to myself would it be possible to stop the pendulum much to my surprise when i focused on stopping the pendulum it stopped from there i tried swinging the pendulum forwards and backwards then left to right. at that point it occurred to me that energy had consciousness and that i could control the flow of energy using telepathy. knowing this i went about my business but held that thought in mind for the day. as i was thinking about the natural flow of the chakra in the right hand is in a clockwise motion. so I thought to myself could that natural flow of energy be reversed. later that day i tried the technique below again. stopping the pendulum moving it from left to right, forwards and backwards then a short time later I tried reversing the flow of energy and the motion of the pendulum knowing that its natural flow was in a clockwise motion much in my surprise when i focused telepathically on the energy in my hand the pendulum slowed and changed direction. it had started moving counter clockwise and this is how i came to write this technique it is my belief that if i learn to control energy with empathy and telepathy in mind then i would gain greater control over my telekinetic ability. Focus on the new clairsentience technique it will help with both of thses techniques.
Get comfortable and relax.
Now focus your mind on your energy and hold a pendulum in your left or right hand.
Then hold the pendulum over the other hand and watch it spin in a clockwise motion just above the palm
of that hand.
After a few moments bring your attention upon the spinning pendulum and with your mind and energy
system commanded the pendulum to stop.
Once the pendulum has stopped hold it there for a moment then in your own time try swinging the pendulum backwards and forwards over the hand. take a few moments to notice the motion of the swing and the energy in your hand.
Then focus your thoughts again and try swinging the pendulum across your hand from left to right and
hold that motion for a couple of minutes
Then in your own time stop the pendulum and hold it there for a moment or two.
Now trying spinning the pendulum in a reverse motion to how the chakra in the hand spins in other words when you start if the chakra is spinning in a clockwise motion then spin the pendulum in a counter clockwise direction.
After you have spun the pendulum in the reverse direction focus your mind on the pendulum and return the natural spin to the chakra.
Try this technique with both the right and left hand.
Once you have learnt how to move the pendulum over the chakras in the hands try the same technique holding the pendulum over the major chakras of the body and see how you go. And try feeling the movement when changing the flow of energy dont always think about moving the pendulum.
Make sure you always return the chakra when you are finished working on this technique back to it natural flow and direction of the chakras natural spin.
Spiraling technique
After you have mastered the technique above try this technique what we are going to attempt here is to form a inter dimensional spiral and wormhole in the fabric of both time and space so make sure you take note of everything with your experience of this technique.
Get comfortable and relax.
Now focus your mind on the energy in your right hand.
Feel the power and the flow of that energy. be that energy, breath that energy become one with that
As the energy changes and forms the wormhole feel the the flow of this new energy breath this energybecome this energy.
Then in your own time expand this wormhole by pushing it out of your hand to a point about one meter in front of you and hold it there.
Now in your own time feel the wormhole expanding till it is the same size as you and when you reach
the apparent size hold the wormhole steady and telepathically command the wormhole to open.
This may happen or it may not it takes time to open portholes and see them but if you focus on the
subject at hand you never known.
Then in your own time focus on a destination in the same room or a room nearby do not try any distance
to far away and don't worry if you cant see the wormhole because you will know where you projected it.
Now with that destination in mind walk through the wormhole and notice everything thing i when i first tried this technique could feel the wormhole as i walked through it even if i didn't move to the destination that i held in my mind but i at least known that the wormhole had form and i just needed to develop my technique in opening wormholes
You have finished with this technique draw the porthole back into your hand and make notes on every sensation and feel that you had when you walk through the porthole. and remember to have fun with this technique and measure all that you have learnt here and feel free to leave your experiences on the message board in you wish i look forward to reading them.
And remember this is new to me as well so we all start at the same point. but i have faith in my ability as a wingmaker

Source: my friend's book of shadows
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Telekinetic Energy Technique
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