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 Question to vampires

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Torilei Denali

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PostQuestion to vampires

This question is about vampires afetr their 14 day transformations. How did you feel, react, and adapt the first few days after the painful 14 days? What did you do? Did you have any bad dreams or feel anything that you felt a few days before?
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Question to vampires :: Comments

Re: Question to vampires
Post on Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:38 am  Charm Moonchild
Torilei Denali wrote:
This question is about vampires afetr their 14 day transformations. How did you feel, react, and adapt the first few days after the painful 14 days? What did you do? Did you have any bad dreams or feel anything that you felt a few days before?

Please refer to one of Jake's post as I have quoted below:

Admin wrote:
Ok this might disapoint many of you people right here, but its pure facts and the truth behind this. So i dont need any of you getting his hopes down on this instead i want you all to keep it up.
I- What is Transformation, and whats the difference between the turning moment and transformation period?
Transformaation might mean something to us and might mean something else to you people who isnt familiar with the turning point and transformation. There are two stages in the process of becoming a vampire.
-Turning point: This is once you succeed a ritual and you absorb the dark shadow or whatever you might call them into your existence, or when a blood mix occur between you and a vampire or get changed astrally.
-Transformation period: which is what follows the turning point after getting through with it, and its a 14 days period of time includes your transformation into a complete vampire.
Symptoms, effects and detailed explanation;
-Turning point: Upon the comence with the ritual or any turning method with success your existence absorbs the forces which allows or shall do the transformation and the change for you or what you call "the venom" once this happens it isnt a very plesant and lovely experience at all, because as soon as it happens your body would hit the ground at once and its more as if your getting possessed if you ever seen a possession occuring before tell them to thank their goodness because what is happening to them is much easier than what would happen to you at that point pain screams muscle ache trembling, sometimes temporary blindness and paralyzation may occur... But this entire thing would last for few mins then you will walk out of it.
Transformation period:
This starts the first 3 days are conidered the worse. More likely living hell during this 14 days period of time your body would be getting adapted to your new shape and new form every cell and molecule of your body would be mutating and shifting evolving into the new you. so imagine the amount of pain when all your body is adapting and evolving ridicic pretty horrible right? your body is becoming an immortal shape your senses are hightened your entire body systems are changing including digestive circular and nerve systems are evolving you are growing new body parts and your senses are getting hightened so it would all cause the following symptoms...
muscle head and stomach pain and aches muscle spasms hallucinations fever teeth ache , you will hear many things that you will wish you were deaf see stuff... just by the moment your turning has happened you would stop eating food "AT ALL" you couldn't even have a small bite instead your blood thirst will strike you like crazy...
First 3 days are the worst then your symptoms decrease slowly until you start to gain control over your new senses powers and your body shape is getting complete but four these 14 days you shouldn't leave your bed under any circumistance stay in your bed all the time.
Now that I have made a few part of this clear hope you can tell the difference and know if you are becoming a vampire or not.
Hope this don't put your hopes in the ground but actually the strong would take the challenge "WISLEY" no matter what are the circumistances.
Blesses be;
Jake Carlson

Please also note that it is different from every single person that is changed. Their experiences may differ from each other. You can see this conversation in this link:

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Blessed Be,

Question to vampires

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