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 Ritual of Mobloch.Making the pact&Merging with his servitor.

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PostSubject: Ritual of Mobloch.Making the pact&Merging with his servitor.   Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:55 pm

Concerning Vampiers -

Vampiers are the true image of what we call the Vampire.
All movie hype and legends of history concerning Vampires
originated from the Vampier. There are only a couple
hundred left in the world, and it is safe to say that is
their own will and volition to remain that way.
Dark Matter plays a role in the genetics of the Vampier –
they can change into wolf form, bat form, hybrid form, mist
form, and shade form. This is possible because the Dark
Matter is strongest with the Vampier – it is literally a
being of Shadow.
As long as the entity is merged with the person, no harm
can be done to the said person. The said person is not
effected by holy ground, religious symbols, or sunlight.
The said person does not need blood to survive, but does
need energy. To drink blood will give energy, but it is not
necessary, the said person can siphon it from the intended
victim and achieve the same results. It is possible to
change the person back to human if the entity is exorcised,
but this book is about how to become one, not to kill one.
The first Vampier ever known in history was an Akkadian
King known as Sargon. Believed to be a commoner, Sargon
summoned the Demon or Dark Spirit known as Mobloch. Mobloch
is an actual demon that resides in Shadow. Of course, his
name was erased from all books by the Akkadian Priests for
fear of being summoned again. Sargon, once becoming a
Vampier, overthrew the Empire in a very short time, setting
into motion a law that made every citizen of the empire to
worship Mobloch. This was the price stated by Mobloch to
Sargon for giving him the power he desired.
Sargon merged with one of the Servitors of Mobloch and
became a Child of Shadow – the Vampier. After a while, 20 years to be exact, the Akkadian Priests figured out a way
to end the terror of Sargon – they found a way to exorcise
the Servitor Entity from Sargon, which would make him human
again.Thus the reign of Sargon ended, exorcised by the
Priests, mutinied by his own people, and then killed for his Dark corruption.

The rituals -

First Ritual:Summoning the Entity.

This is the ritual to summon the Demon known as Mobloch. To
become a Vampier you must make a pact with him first. No
blessing, no Vampier.

Materials needed -
1 – a large mirror (like used in the other Rituals, but not
the same mirror – it has to be a separate mirror. Anointed
with Dark Matter Oil around frame and smeared on mirror.
2 - 16 fire censors with Dittany of Crete cones (mixed with
Shadow Oil) and anointed with Dark Matter Oil. All incense
is represented by stars for the inner incense and circles
with fire censors on the outside incense.
3 - 4 silver candles (one set at each corner of the larger
inner square). Rub with Astral Oil from base to wick
towards you. Will be standard Altar Candles 3 x 4”.
4 - 4 spiritual candles (gray) (placed within the inner
circle as in the diagram). Rub Spirit Oil from base to wick
towards you. Will be standard Altar Candles 3 x 4”.
5 – 1 Athame made of metal with a wooden handle
- inscribed on the wooden handle :
Lord Mobloch
6 - Sigil of Astral
7 - Sigil of Spiritual
8 - Sigil of Physical

Start by drawing the circles (with chalk), which shall be
the diameter of your height. The outer rings will be
measured 7 inches from each other respectfully.
Draw the inner square of power, followed by the outer
square of power. Place the mirror accordingly as depicted in the diagram.
Place the fire censors respectfully as depicted in the
diagram. Each censor on the outer edges will have a circle
drawn and placed within as shown in the diagram.
Place all writing in this order, starting with the inner
circle – North first, East second, West third, South 4th
clockwise motion. All writing will written in the same
going outward as depicted in the diagram.
Light the inner censors first and say: For you, Lord
Mobloch. So that our connection is true.
Light the outer censors and say: For you, Lord Mobloch.
May my path be clear, as is my intent.
Light the silver candles clockwise and say: It is in this
hour that my desires become clear.
Light the spiritual candles clockwise and say: It is in
spirit that I call thee to this place. May the door be
opened in your presence, Lord Mobloch.
Place the sigil of astral between the two elemental symbols
of spirit.
Place the sigil of spiritual between the two elemental
symbols of shadow.
Place the sigil of physical below the sigil of astral.
Take your place in the inner square and kneel before the
mirror in the kamai position. Open your third eye now and
focus all energy into the mirror. Notice that the other
sigils are glowing now. Recite the following:
Lord Mobloch, Keeper of the Unknown Mysteries that lie in
the Abyss, you who rule over all dark entities and spirits.
I beseech thee to be favorable to me in calling upon your
ineffable presence, in which I offer myself in entirety as
your Servitor, bound by my word and merit, to faithfully
carry out your word forever.
Asmodai, Prince, I pray thee also, to protect me in my
undertaking, for it was your insight that brought me thus far.
Paimon, Great King, be propitious to me and cause that
this night I have the strength and will to call the Lord
Mobloch to appear to me in good will, without any evil
intention, and that He grant me, by all means of the pact
which I shall offer to him, so that I may become as was
intended for me – to merge with one of his Servitors of
Shadow and become a Vampier. This was foreseen and will be
as fate declared.
Oh, Lord Mobloch, I beseech thee, leave thy darkness, in
whatever part of the Abyss you may be, to come speak with
me; if not, I shall thereto compel thee by the power and
might names of the High Guardians, in which all Demons give
Appear thee instantly as I speak with the power and might
After Mobloch appears, make the pact with him. He will
give you his word that an Servitor entity will come to you
when summoned. Now it is time to go on to the next ritual -
Second Ritual : Merging w/ Servitor of Mobloch.

This is the moment you have been waiting for – the merging
with the Servitor Entity. You are one step away from
becoming a Vampier.
Materials needed -
1 - 15 Spirit candles (placed on every point of each
triangle). Dark Gray standard (3 x 4”) Altar Candle. Rub
each with Spirit Oil and blood from wick to base toward
2 - 7 Black Pillar candles (3 x 4”). Rub Dark Matter Oil
from base to wick towards you.
3 – 8 Silver Pillar Candles (3 x 4”). Rub Astral Oil with
blood from base to wick towards you.
4 - 2 Zodiac Candle w/sign & Elemental Symbol(3 x 4”). Use
appropriate color of your Zodiac Sign. Rub appropriate
Zodiac oil from base to wick towards you.
5 - 1 Mirror (same mirror used in the Ritual of Summoning
Mobloch). Anoint again.
6 - 6 Fire censors. Anoint the four closest ones with Dark
Matter Oil and the others with Shadow Oil.
7 – 6 Dittany of Crete incense cones. Two drops of Spirit
Oil each on every cone.
8 – 3 Blood Stones. Anoint with one drop Shadow Oil, one drop Dark Matter Oil, and one drop of own blood.
First, draw the main circle, using chalk. It will be
exactly 5 ft in diameter as dictated by Mobloch. Then draw
all around respectfully by each layer afterwards.
Draw the outer circle, and start writing all incantations
(writing) clockwise. Each level will reach around to the
next level until you reach the outer circle like a spiral
going inward.
Place the mirror on the northern edge of the circle. Make
sure that the fire censors are in front of the mirror so
the smoke reaches the mirror.
Place all candles in their appropriate places – double
check so there are no mistakes. Everything has to be
exactly as dictated in the diagram. There will be no room
for error in this last ritual.
Light all black candles and say : As was before, it is now
again. In the honor of my Master, Lord Mobloch, I light the
way for my Servitor Entity. Come!
Light all Spirit candles and say : As above, so below –
this circle is now protected from those who wish to do me
harm. Asmodai, Paimon, Oriens, and Amon, guide me and
direct me to my rebirth. Come!
Light all silver candles and say : I light these candles as
a symbol of my awareness. I am ready to accept my pact, it
is as it should be. I pledge myself to serve Mobloch for
there is no greater honor than to be His Servitor. Come!
Light the Fire Censors and say : Let the gates open. Let
the Doors quake and receive me. Come, Shade! Come and
accept me as thy host! Come!
Light the Zodiac Candles and say : These candles are a
representation of myself, my loyalty, my essence, my soul,
my heart, my mind, and my body. I have opened the doorway,
hear me and obey. Your Lord Mobloch has bid you to come and
uphold our pact. Join with me, Entity, Servitor – Merge
with me and be reborn into the flesh of the living once more.
Sit so that you can see your whole body in the mirror,
close your eyes and perform the clearing of the mind
meditation – inhale for a count of 8, hold 4, exhale for a
count of 8. Repeat this until you feel a presence in the
room. See the mirror vividly in your mind. Open your third
eye now and look into the mirror – pour all of your third
eye energy into the mirror, form your hands into a triangle
in front of you and say :
Gateways between Light and Dark, Spirit and Shadow –
Open this night – peel back the layers between mine and
Shadow -
Mobloch, guide me and protect me –
Give me the strength and energy I need to complete this
task -
It is as it should be, forever and ever -
Let the gate now open -
Let the Servitor appear before me -
Mobloch eiah amiea sammat eiah!
The gate should open now and the mirror will turn foggy –
kind of like when you take a shower and the mirror fogs up.
You will now see a Shadow like being looking out – invite
him into yourself by saying -
Servitor, follower of Mobloch, it is by pact that I invoke
you into my being. Merge with me this night in my hour of
need. I hereby open the gate between our worlds, unlocking
that which was locked before. Come forth, Servitor of
Mobloch, merge with me as was meant to be.
Focus now, all power of your third eye into the mirror –
the mirror will ripple and look black – it is then that the
Servitor Entity will come forth and join with you.
The Servitor has now merged with your body. It is now that
you will feel very drained, but you must close the gateway,
cut the power by closing your third eye and performing a
banishing and cleansing of the room. This will close the
door. Be prepared to sleep a couple of days and also be
doubly prepared to feed your Servitor Entity, they require a great deal of energy.
The same method that the shape-changer uses to change
forms, the Vampier has the ability built in. Try and focus
all of your will by opening your third eye. Invoke what is
already yours – Dark Matter – and picture in your head what
it is you want to change into – whether it be bat, wolf,
shade, mist, or hybrid.
Also, you will eventually develop very strong psychic
powers unto your third eye. Stronger than before ... you
will have all abilities like the were-creature – strength,
speed, etc. The only difference is that a Vampier has the
ability to levitate and fly with ease – one of the many
benefits from being a Vampier.
It is not known for sure, but if the Servitor Entity
remains in the body for a long time it might be able to
merge with the essence of the said individual and might
transform the said individual using the intra-body created
to become something more than expected.
Note: If a very strong binding spell is created to keep
the Servitor Entity with the host (usually a symbol burned
on the skin), it will be extremely difficult to almost
impossible to banish the Servitor from the body. Something
to think about if you do not want the Servitor banished from your body.

Source:The Morphosephram Handbook of Shadows
By William Wraith
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Ritual of Mobloch.Making the pact&Merging with his servitor.
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