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 My opinion on how magic and Vampires work

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Aseriel Krabat


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PostMy opinion on how magic and Vampires work

Hey ya'all  Smile ,  my name is Nicolai and I'm new to this Webforum. I was waiting for something  like this many many years  ago and I was nerver aware of  that there was allready some one out there, that is offering us great Knowledge  about  Vampires and how to become  one. It somehow   got under my radar...Sad  But now things  have  changed. But  I'm  still questioning a few things, and I only come out with one conclusion for all of this.
Let  me  start  with a few  questions :
Why do vampires have these special abilities  ?
What  makes  them, what they are  ?
Why do vampires have this super  speed, strength and other physical  and magical abilities  ?  There are a few abilities  listed  in the "vampires in a brief" that seem  to  have similarities  with  the one's that  the vampires  in true blood seem to possess. (Famous Vampire  Tv series from HBO).  Like  for instance,  super high  speed  running, super sonic hearing, very very sharp  eye view,  incredibly  strength, and they can compel people. And those  are just a view similarities  to be mentioned.
I'm just  trying  to understand  why vampires exist, why are they here? Or Why shouldn't  they bee here?. I've worked with magic over a few times now and I'm trying to understand  or  to tell my self that everything  is made out of pure Energie, and this energie can manifest on physical struktures. I'm trying  to understand  that there are higher planes. We are everything,  everything  is us. You are your  self, but also  everything,  the door of your room is your  door, because it is your  door. It's  difficult  to find words  for what  I mean, but  I hope you've  followed  me so far. Only with the pure Energie of your  thoughts, it's  possible to create  a "now" where  this particular Enegie that  you're  thinking  about, exists. It's  the same thing with magic and  the vampires. Mabey they exist because  individual  beeings are creating them with there energy, or the Faith in the ritual, so that the Energie  that got created  manifest  just how  its believed to be and creates the thing that they believe  in, because  they know  it exists. But that's  only my point of view and I'm  hoping that this is plausible. For over 10 years now, I was hoping that there are  more things and magical beeings  out there, that most people now off, I always  hoped that there where  Vampires, so that one Day I can may walk  to earth as one of them. And now  that I  finally  found a legit proof for the  existence of  Vampires I'm  trying to convince  my self that it has to be that way, and I hope  that I'm  right  about it because  if I am, I'm  wondering if I am able to fulfill  the Ritual with out failing. If my Understanding  of magic  is enough  to complete the Nosferatu  Ritual....
I would really like to hear some feedback  from you and  you think about  it. Tell me your  opinion. I'm envy to hear them  all Smile

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My opinion on how magic and Vampires work :: Comments

Omg Shocked I'm so sorry for my bad grammar, I was really tired yesterday...
Good to see this forum still holds individuals with a working consensus, might I suggest that if this is really what you want, such a thing doesn't happen like as they holly wood bullshit media explained. Hopefully someone with you unique potential can understand that the real world works differently. As for you question on a vampires abilities and such, our leader Jake who has also taken absence has writer all about abilities and anything you should need to know in past forums. PLEASE READ OVER ALL FOURMS BEFORE EVEN LOOKING AT RITUALS. THIS KS A MUST TO EDUCATE AND GELP YOU TO LEARN ABD UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO. I can t stress this enough. All member must re-read old post to gather some understandings of what has been talked about before and because a **** ton of information lay within those pages, common people. You wanted it here it is. I will not be offering help nor replying to any question like this one that repeat basic question covered in previous posts

My opinion on how magic and Vampires work

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